Joshua Vise

ESL Instructor / Literature Teacher / Educational Consultant

I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri, USA, where I am state certified in Middle and High School English Language Arts. I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Webster University in the field of Media Communications (B.A. / M.A.). I also received a second graduate degree in Education – Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) with a focus on Middle School English Language Arts from the American College of Education.  

Personal Educational Philosophy

I have been teaching for over fifteen years. I understand the frustrations involved in learning a new language, and do my best to make my lessons interesting and accessible to my students. I feel that the teacher’s role is to be a guide for the students and to encourage them to discover the subject at hand out of their own interest. I bring this attitude to all of my lessons, and work hard to ensure that my students meet their goals.

Professional Goals

I feel that it is incredibly important to continually improve the quality of my teaching so that my students can benefit. Aside from reading new publications related to different developments in the field of education, I pursue new certifications and enroll myself in training seminars and programs. I am currently completing an International Baccalaureate PYP (Primary Years Program) certification through the University of Windsor. I hope to continue to be involved in these learning experiences so as to better serve my students.

Current Positions

ESL Instructor / Lead Teacher – Daegu University
(2013 – Present)
I teach Practical English 1-4 to university students of all ability levels.

I am responsible for lesson planning and curriculum development using a variety of materials and media.  I supervise a group of teachers, and assist with managerial issues throughout the semester.

Reading / Literature / ESL Instructor – Landmark ESL
(2016 – Present)
I discuss popular English language books with Chinese elementary and middle-school- aged children online. I created lesson materials and presentations, and have high levels of student satisfaction as evidenced by student renewals.

Educational Consultant – Daegu Ministry of Education
(2019 – Present)
I am responsible for assisting with the adoption of International Baccalaureate curriculum in public schools in the city of Daegu. My duties include proofreading English language materials, and assisting with intercultural communications and logistics.


“A Renewed Sense of Purpose in the Face of Unique Challenges” (The English Connection, Summer, 2020, p. 22-23)
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A teacher reflection article I wrote during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, exploring the ideas of teacher reflection during unprecedented times.


Two-time Outstanding Teacher Award – Spring, Fall, 2009
Yeungjin Community College

Outstanding Professor Award – Fall, 2018
Daegu University

Degrees and Certifications

Online ESL, English, and Reading instruction for students from around the world.

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